We are committed to safeguarding children, young people and adults at risk at Wolves and believe everyone has the right to be safe. We want to create and embed a culture of openness, trust, and transparency in which the clear values and expected behaviour are set out.

Safeguarding is about protecting certain people who may be in vulnerable circumstances.

Protecting people and meeting our safeguarding responsibilities is a priority for Wolves Records. We are committed to supporting artists so they can make, learn and earn in music and we want to ensure that everyone in contact with Wolves Records is treated with dignity and respect, and feels that they are in a safe and supportive environment.

Where there is a safeguarding concern, we will be responsive to the individual’s views, wishes and feelings, ensuring they are taken into account when determining what action to take. We recognise that protecting people from harm is both a corporate and individual responsibility.

Team members are responsible for safeguarding others’ health and wellbeing and protecting them from all forms of harm, including abuse, exploitation, and violence. They should show a commitment to and an understanding of others’ rights, safety, and welfare.

We will ensure that team members and partners act and respond appropriately to any concerns or allegations of abuse, harm or neglect. We will be dynamic in managing risk effectively and proportionately. We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and believe that everyone has an equal right to be protected from all types of harm or abuse. Inequalities in society mean that not all groups are treated equally, fairly and with dignity, or have the same protection from abuse, harm or neglect. We have a particular responsibility to safeguard groups most at risk of harm – such as children and adults at risk – and to remove the barriers that exclude marginalised and minority groups from equal protection.

We will seek to continually learn from our experience of safeguarding and always notify relevant organisations, authorities, regulatory and governing bodies as required when managing a concern.

Remember: Safeguarding is everyone’s business. If you are ever in doubt, you should always contact a member of the safeguarding team for support and guidance. It is always better to report a concern which later turns out to be unfounded than to not report a concern.

Listen to your ‘nagging voice’.

To raise a safeguarding concern please contact Head of Safeguarding, Lisa Carter: [email protected] 

Our full children and young peoples safeguarding policy can be found here: Children and young person safeguarding

Our full adults at risk safeguarding policy can be found here: Adults at risk safeguarding

All other policies can be found here: Safeguarding policies