Relive hugely successful LOUDER event

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Earlier this week, Wolves Records’ opening event LOUDER came to Molineux and the full show is available to relive for free on Wolves Radio.

LOUDER introduced some of the most exciting musical talents from across the midlands in its multi-genre line-up, offering an exciting platform to perform live.

Empress Linoleum, Jerub, K1 Strange, Benny Atlas, Ella More and Jazzie Martian all performed in the North Bank Bar at Molineux, exciting a busy crowd and creating a lively atmosphere.

Vital Powers hosted the evening and said: “This is one of the best things to happen to Wolverhampton. It’s such a great city, full of talent, and it leaks out to the local areas too. It’s a great place for talent and we never have the infrastructure. Wolves Records and Wolves having some of the best artists around the midlands, and artists we may not have seen, is so important.

“In the crowd, you wouldn’t believe how many artists were lingering, locking into the vibe, and it shows they care because they don’t have to be there, they have other things, but they’re interested in the new generation, the new vibes, and things that are to come. It’s so important we have it and support the ones that are upcoming.”

One artist performing on the night was Jerub, who said: “It was really fun. I’ve performed a few gigs and it was great be here in the environment and play to some great people. This is first time anyone has done anything like this.

“It’s pretty special to have a football club doing a record label. It offers a great opportunity for many artists, but also for football. I think it’s really cool. I feel like I’m relatively new to the journey, but I’m learning a lot as I go along.”

Since the successful launch in September, over 1,400 music submissions have been made to The next stage of the journey was to shortlist these music submissions and provide opportunities for the best talent to perform for a live audience and talent scouts, in the hope of signing for the label, which LOUDER provided.

Wolves Records would like to acknowledge and thank our event sponsor, DIS graphics. With a HQ in Wolverhampton, DIS Group has vast experience in all aspects of graphics work with the knowledge and resources to bring your vision to life. Whatever you can imagine DIS can deliver.

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